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About the foundation

Dear friends!

Life is arranged in this way, so each of us, no matter how strong a person can be, might need someone's help. Perhaps, two most human feelings are the desire for coming to the rescue in a difficult life situation and opposite sense of gratitude. But the feeling of helplessness and loneliness, when everyone turned away from you, on the contrary, may distress a person greatly at the time of illness or crisis. Confidence in your friends and the feeling that you are not alone give strength to live on and paint life in bright colors.

Our charitable foundation "Anna Maria" was founded in February 2018 by people who know firsthand about life's difficulties. The main mission of the Foundation is to restore faith in good, to give children and adults again a hope for life, health and well-being, to introduce to each other those who need a help and those who can provide it. Miracles happen if you really believe in them! A disinterested help and love for one's neighbor is always a small miracle, which we so often do not have.

We hope that its foundation will create the necessary synergy effect, bring together those who need help and those who can help with finances, good works and simply with data exchange.

We have been engaged in charity for several years, and we have something to remember.

In 2010 a charity action "Plush Heart" was held. A great number of educational games, toys, childcare products were collected for Children's Homes of the Omsk city.

In 2011, another charity action "Warm Socks" was held. During the month, Omsk citizens could bring warm clothes, both new and used, for children from dysfunctional families at the age from 3 to 7 years old, undergoing a course of medical treatment in the "Children's sanatorium for consumptives" in the Krasnoyarka village. This charity action was so popular, that one carried out it four times more. Residents of Omsk brought not only socks but also hats, jackets, sweaters, scarves, winter shoes, coloring books, sleds and carnival costumes.

We are grateful to all who helped us and hope that there are dozens of such charity actions before us.

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