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About the foundation

The unique Altai Cedar garden requires urgent assistance!


: 1683

All trees are grafted in this cedar garden. The garden already bears fruits. One gathers nuts and plants it back in forest nurseries.

At creation of a cedar garden, scientists were guided by two key indicators:

  1. Nuts - productivity (One choose the best fructifying trees with the best symmetric forms of crown).
  2. Resin – efficiency (For example, there was a high need in galipot in the sixties –eighties).
The basic part of the garden bears fruits; one gathers nuts and plants it back in forest nurseries and only in 3 years one plants a planting stock in the wild nature. The unique genetic wildlife reserve is situated on the territory of Altai Republic. It is the best cedar garden in Russia which does not have analogs.

The practicality and the importance of a cedar are very high. Not for nothing in the ancient time this tree was called as "sacred". The cedar practically disappeared in the foothills of Altai and Biya watershed, except its upper reaches. One requires urgent measures for preserving of cedar forests and their biological diversity. The cedar is a basis of ecosystems. And notwithstanding this universally recognized fact, this kind of trees is threatened by humans. At the present time, Siberian stone pine is not protected from industrial logging.

Value of a cedar

  • A cedar is like a breadwinner for native people. Cedar forests provide a population with animals, furs, berries, mushrooms and nuts. Altai cedar forests are the main source of pine nuts in our country.
  • Cedar wood – universal construction material. It is distinguished by beautiful texture, high strength and durability. This material is widely used in construction and furniture production. The basic and important role of a garden is preservation of gene pool of forest nurseries of the Altai Republic
  • Cedar forests play a great soil and water protective role. Cedar forests regulate full water content of great Siberian Rivers. It also regulate climate in region, influencing upon natural atmosphere processes.
  • Cedar forest is a habitat for a great number of representatives of flora and fauna. Maintenance of biological diversity of plants and animals on our planet is important both for modern life of people, and for future generations. Loss of biological diversity is both loss of a valuable gene pool and loss of stability of ecosystems that can lead to environmental disasters.
Today trees in the wildlife reserve are infected. They are sick. One requires financial means for treatment, which are not allocated in state budget. The cedar garden is in critical situation because of not sufficient financing!

Specialists of autonomous establishment of the Altai Republic "Baygol Forest" observe yellowing of needles for 4 years. One made attempts to heal up trees, but it was inefficient. In 2018 one made a comprehensive examination and collecting of samples of needles which were directed for scientific research to the federal budget establishment "Roslesozashchita". According to results of research, a basic reason of drying of needles of Siberian stone pine is red band needle blight (Dothistroma) and also damage of sprouts with Siberian adelgidae that is very difficult disease requiring numerous processing with various chemicals.

Specialists of federal budget establishment "Roslesozashchita" together with the Ministry of natural resources, ecology and tourism of the Altai Republic developed a plan of measures against agent of disease which includes expanded list of works demanding additional financial expenditure.

One requires immediate interference of "green funds and forest conservation". One needs to conduct such measures as treatment and processing of forestry (relocation, changing of died tree with new one) and also restoration of protection barrier of the Cedar garden preventing from passing of people and domestic animals on the territory of the garden.

For improving of today's critical situation, one requires more than 30 million rubles
for treatment of the cedar garden.

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