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Arkova Victoria

About recipient: Проживает в г. Калач-на-Дону Волгоградская область

Problem: Cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, spastic tetraparesis, psychomotor development delayed.

Planned actions: A course of medical treatment at the hospital "PrognozMed".

History: The history of little Viktoria is like many others. Vika was prematurely born, on the 32nd week of pregnancy, on 16.11.2010.There were long waiting days in resuscitation and then at the department of pathology for newborns. Viktoria was discharged from hospital when she had put on weight 3 kilograms. At the age of one year, her illness was diagnosed as cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, spastic tetraparesis and psychomotor development delayed. Viktoria was expected everlasting visits to doctors, medical treatment, massage courses and rehabilitation courses. At the present moment, Viktoria is already 7 years old. With a help of her parents, she obtained a good result: she learned to sit, stand on all fours, stand near the pedestal, walk holding on to parents’ hands, knows the alphabet and numbers, talks and learns by heart small poems. Viktoria needs every day massage courses, appropriate exercises and trainings. Every three months a child has to undergo a course of medical treatment at the hospital "PrognozMed". Independently, Viktoria’s parents cannot pay all these courses, because just only her father has a regular work, her mother spend all her time with Viktoria.

Collected: 180 138 rub (17%)

Necessary: 1 038 438 rub

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Recipient: Arkova Victoria

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