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Sobolev Misha

About recipient: Misha was prematurely born on 2 months earlier of due date with a weight of 1 345 grams. First two months little Misha spent at the hospital, he gradually began to breathe, gain weight, and it seemed that all is over.

Problem: When Misha was four and a half months old, he started suffer from health problems: he could badly hold his head, couldn’t take his toys in his arms, did not turn over, even at the age of one year the baby did not sit and crawl and did not gain weight. Boy’s parents consulted doctors and one year later they diagnosed cerebral spastic infantile paralysis.

Planned actions: During 7 years Misha went through a hard: a great number of medical examinations, courses of rehabilitation and medical treatment, sanatoriums, swimming, dolphin therapy, developing exercises, logopedists, psychologists and speech pathologists. All these were of benefit to boy’s health; he learned to walk and sit, his speech improved and as a result, he WON HIS DIAGNOSIS OF CEREBRAL SPASTIC INFANTILE PARALYSIS! BUT! Brain damage does not go away without consequences! One should adapt the child to a real life; it is necessary to teach him to speak and think! That is why, it is very important not to stop at what has been accomplished and continue rehabilitation courses. Melnikova’s clinic in Moscow city offered Misha’s family its services: medical examination and individual course of medical treatment.

History: Doctors say that, on the assumption of further medical treatment, Misha will be a healthy child and will be able to live a full life! But there are several problems with auditory information perception, speech, dysarthria, motility disturbance and low blood pressure, mental and physical fatigability. Misha has great chances for fully recovery and live a full life. Misha is a promising kid, doctors promise a full recovery, but on the assumption of maximum competent medical treatment.

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