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Konstantinov Roman

About recipient: Roma was born on May 16, 2014 with a congenital malformation of the left ear. It means that Roma does not hear with the left ear and have no auricle. First problems appeared when he was three years old, Roma often asked to repeat, always turned to speaking with a healthy right ear and did not understand which room of the house he was called from.

Problem: Roma’s problem concerned with the receptivity of the world of sounds. He hears when one calls him, but does not immediately understand where from, first he looks around and only then understands where the sounds come from.

Planned actions: Operable treatment at the clinic of the Global Hearing, Inc., USA, 94303, California, East Palo Alto, 1900, University Avenue, office № 101.
In April 2018, Roma and his parents visited a conference with American doctors, which was held in Moscow. During an individual consultation, American doctors recommended a combined operation (hearing recovering and auricle creation on the basis of "Medpore" material). Roma was given a good prognosis, doctors will be able to recover hearing and Roman will again hear as all kids.

History: It is well known, that a child with unilateral loss of hearing feel uncomfortable in a noisy atmosphere and difficulties with a source of sound localization, in this case speech development cause troubles. The part of the brain providing these functions develops in the first 5-10 years of life; there is a necessity for hearing recovering at an early age. Unfortunately, there is no such colossal experience in performing an operation concerning our diagnosis in Russia, as in the USA (more than 15 years of experience). In the US, reconstruction is performed during one combined operation from the artificial material "Medpore". Acoustic ducts made in Russia are subject to restenosis (they are overgrown again). Auricles in Russia are made from the patient's costal cartilages. To do it, a child should grow up, and then undergo 4-5 operations, and besides it does not guarantee hearing recovering.
Dear friends! If you decide to help Roman, do not be embarrassed over the price of life-saving. Any of your charitable contribution will be accepted with gratitude.

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Recipient: Konstantinov Roman

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