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Shipulina Viktoria

About recipient: Viktoria Shipulina is 7 years old. Viktoria was prematurely born on 32 week of the pregnancy with a weight of 1470 grams and 40 centimeters in height. After the birth, the girl was transferred to the resuscitation department and then to the premature babies department. One diagnosed four cysts of the encephalon, right-sided pneumonia and threat of anemia.

Problem: After discharging from the hospital, Viktoria’s mother Svetlana started her pediatric examination at the local polyclinic. At the age of one year, she could not even turn over. At the Hospital of medical rehabilitation in Khovrino, Viktoria’s illness was diagnosed as cerebral spastic infantile paralysis.

Planned actions: Viktoria’s mother Svetlana did not lose her heart, she constantly looked for new methods of medical treatment for her baby. Having visited different rehabilitation centers, medical treatment made a significant progress. Viktoria’s intellect is saved, but her speech is affected. She can turn over, crawl and sit a little. The rest of the time Svelana always carry Viktoria in her arms. In addition to rehabilitation centers, Viktoria with her mother visit logopedists and osteopathic physicians. They also visit a swimming pool. At the present moment, Viktoria needs two weeks' rehabilitation at the medical center "Development without barriers" in the Noginsk city.

History: Viktoria is the breath of life for her parents!

Collected: 63 100 rub (100%)

Necessary: 63 100 rub

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