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Suslov Artyem

About recipient: Artem was born with a rare diagnosis - he does not hear with the right ear because of the lack of an acoustic meatus ("Atresia") and deformation of the right auricle ("Microtia"). The boy badly orientates himself in a noisy room, in a kindergarten, on the street. He cannot recognize where the sound comes from: he does not understand where the car and the barking dog come from. Everything what is going on around for him as a "silent movie", if he is lying on a healthy ear. Artem has to raise his head to hear his mother.

Problem: Inborn atresia and microtia. These physical defects may have psychological consequences, in particular, low self-appraisal, chronic depression, difficulties in communicating with other people. One can’t put on glasses or a hearing aid on a deformed ear.

Planned actions: A course of medical treatment in "GLOBAL HEARING" clinic, USA, California, Palo Alto. American doctors Dr. Joseph and Dr. John Reinisch are the only doctors in the world who do such operations. And they do it successfully, with the lowest percentage of possible complications. The operation is called CAM - Combined Atresia Microtia Repair - combined elimination of atresia (absence of an acoustic meatus) and microtia (absence of an external auricle). A combined operation replaces five separate surgical operations under general anesthesia made in Russia. Functional improvement of hearing is observed within one month after the operation. Operation is possible at the age of 3 years old and it will be possible to restore hearing till school period. That is a time when it is important for a child to receive basic language skills, and to reduce probability of deterioration of speech functions.

History: Artem's family lives in a small village of Pizhanka in the Kirov region. His mother is on maternity leave. The Artem’s father is only earner of the family. The boy's parents hope that there are kind, sympathetic and not indifferent people who would not pass by their problems and will help Artem to hear like everyone else!

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Necessary: 6 693 750 rub

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