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Sisterova Maria

Sisterova Maria
Description: проживает в г. Пермь Пермский край.

Problem: Cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, epilepsy.

Planned actions: Purchase of wheelchair "Patron Corzo Xcountry".

History: Maria was prematurely born on 34-35 weeks of pregnancy. At the age of six months, Maria started to suffer from bouts of epilepsy, which had lasted for two months. When Maria was one year old, her illness was diagnosed as cerebral spastic infantile paralysis and epilepsy. Now Maria has a remission of 5 years. Maria and her mother regularly undergo rehabilitation courses at the medical center "Sakura" in Chelyabinsk. At the present moment Maria does not walk, talks a little, just a few words. Maria needs children’s wheelchair.

Collected: 110 123 rub (82%)

Necessary: 133 678 rub

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